Bandage Technique

Update:2021-10-15 00:00
1. The injured person's posture should be appropriate.
2. The affected limb is placed in an adapted position, so that the patient can keep the limb comfortable during the dressing process and reduce the patient's pain.
3. The affected limb must be bandaged in the functional position.
4. The packer usually stands in front of the patient in order to observe the facial expression of the patient.
5. Generally, it should be bandaged from the inside to the outside, and from the telecentric end to the torso. At the beginning of the dressing, two circular dressings must be made to fix the bandage.(athletic-tape)
6. Master the bandage roll when dressing to avoid falling. The bandage should be rolled and placed flat on the bandaged area.
7. When bandaging, the pressure should be equal every week, and not too light, so as not to fall off. It should not be too tight to avoid circulatory obstacles.
8. Except for patients with acute bleeding, open trauma or fractures, the area must be clean and dry before bandaging.
9. Rings, gold chain bracelets and watch necklaces are removed before bandaging.

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