Common sense about bandages(1)

Update:2021-01-30 00:00
Bandages are gauze bands used to wrap wounds or affected areas. They are common medical supplies. There are many different types and methods of dressing. You need to choose the appropriate type and method of dressing according to the injured part.
The materials used to fix and protect the surgical or injured parts are necessary for surgical operations. most
The simple one is a single shed belt, which is made of gauze or cotton and is suitable for the limbs, tail, head, chest and abdomen. Double bandages are bandages of various shapes made according to parts and shapes. The material is double-layered cotton cloth. Different thicknesses of cotton can be clamped in between. There are cloth strips around it for knotting and fixing, such as eye bandage, back waist bandage, front Chest bandages, abdominal bandages and manicure bandages, etc. Special bandages are mostly used for fixing the limbs and joints.
100% cotton plain weave, wrinkle elastic bandage, ammonia elastic bandage, PBT elastic bandage and cotton gauze woven bandage, viscose plaster bandage.
Reel belt
Also known as single belt, there are three types of cotton cloth, gauze and elastic belt. According to different parts of the belt, there are various names as follows:
⑴Leader ⑵Tail ⑶Tape body (reel part) ⑷Inner surface (the side against the roll) ⑸Outside (the other side against the roll) ⑹Upper edge ⑺Bottom edge ⑻Roll mouth
Double headband
There are two tape heads, the width and application method are about the same as the reel tape.
Triple headband
⑴ Triangle scarf: It is made of natural-color cotton cloth, that is, cut diagonally with cotton cloth with four sides equal to about 1 meter in length to form two large triangle scarfs. If the finished triangle scarf is cut from the top to the bottom midline, it can be split. There are two small triangles, and according to their different positions, they have the following names: apex, bottom and left and right points. Most of them are used for holding, hanging hands and forearms. ⑵ T-band: used to fix the perineal dressing and improve the scrotum.
Commonly used are the following: ⑴Four headbands: cut rectangular cotton or gauze from both ends and made; ⑵ Chest strap: used to fix the chest dressing or increase pressure; ⑶abdominal belt: used to fix the abdominal dressing.
Self-adhesive elastic bandage
Description: The self-adhesive elastic bandage is made of pure cotton or elastic non-woven fabric sprayed with natural rubber composite material by warp beam rotation and slitting. It is used for clinical external fixation and dressing. It can also be used to protect the wrist and ankle during sports Use when waiting for joints.
Sports protective bandage
Mainly for sports protection, medical dressing, medical fixation, etc., the imported medical glue is used to make the fixation not easy to fall off, and it has strong elasticity and flexibility.

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