Disposable medical pads can not only be used in hospitals

Update:2021-04-30 11:18
In many hospitals, we will see blue or pink medical bed sheets. This is a disposable transfer bed sheet used by the hospital to facilitate changing and washing of bed sheets and reduce disease infection. In addition to hospital beds, many consulting rooms, some operating rooms, and treatment tables will also see this kind of items. Therefore, we generally call this product a disposable medical sheet or a disposable medical pad.
In addition to the use of such products in hospital beds and other places in the medical industry, are there other places to use this product? The answer is yes. Below we have asked the manufacturers of disposable medical mid-orders to introduce to you two other places where this product is used:
1. Medical beauty industry
Most female friends have done beauty treatments. When they go to a beauty salon, the beauty salon will use a disposable medical bill. Unlike some hospitals or other places, some of the bed sheets used in the beauty salon are pink. Of course, you can see blue disposable sheets in the medical aesthetics industry. In beauty salons and other medical beauty places, it is important to use disposable medical bills. It can protect guests' skin from some bacteria, allowing them to lie on a clean and guaranteed bed.
2. Personal family
Some people think that the use of disposable sheets in the home does not. But this idea is actually wrong. If the family has a lying-in woman or an elderly person who is sick and is unable to move or even live and cannot take care of herself, ordinary bed sheets are not suitable for use, and this kind of disposable medical bed sheets should be used at home, because it is disposable The medical middle order is easy to replace and does not need to be cleaned.
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