Do you know how to use medical tape?

Update:2022-07-04 00:00
The medical tape is soft and breathable, easy to use and fast, less dosage, no slippage, and no influence on blood circulation. Next, let's look at the use of medical bandages.

1. Use cotton sleeves or cotton rolls on the bandaging site as a pad, and wrap more cotton sleeves or cotton rolls in places that need to increase pressure or are thin and bony.

2. Please wear protective gloves.

3. Open the package before use, place the polymer (orthopaedic synthetic) bandage in room temperature (68-77°F, 20-25°C) water for 1-2 seconds, gently squeeze the bandage to remove excess water. {The curing and forming speed of polymer (orthopedic synthetic) bandage is proportional to the soaking time of the bandage and the soaking water temperature: if you need a longer operation, please use it directly without soaking}

4. Spiral winding as required. Each circle overlaps 1/2 or 1/3 of the width of the bandage, wrap it tightly but not too hard, the shaping is completed at this time, and the polymer (orthopedic synthetic) bandage is cured and shaped for 30 seconds and needs to be stationary (that is, to ensure the posture of the shaping surface). 3-4 layers are enough for non-load-bearing parts, and 4-5 layers of polymer (orthopedic synthetic) bandages can be wrapped around the load-bearing parts. When wrapping, smooth the bandages and make them smooth, so that each layer can be better For better support and adhesion, the bandage can be smoothed with gloves dipped in water to achieve better results.

5. The curing and forming time of polymer (orthopedic synthesis) bandage is about 3-5 minutes (depending on the soaking time and soaking temperature of the bandage). You can feel support after 20 minutes.

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