Do you know Light elastic adhesive bandage

Update:2023-05-23 14:34
A lightweight strapping bandage that can be used to support a wide range of soft tissue injuries. Often used by sports physios to wrap ankles, knees, wrists and hands. It is great for limiting swelling and protecting the injured area.

This elastic adhesive tape is designed with fast edges to maintain a firm grip around the body and offer a high degree of adhesion, making it ideal for securing heavy or bulky dressing applications. It also helps to apply compression to control edema or swelling and can accommodate movement.

This elastic tape has moderate support and is a good alternative to kinesiology or zinc oxide tape. The cotton weave has a stretchy nature that allows it to move with the skin and the body, while still offering support. It is porous enough to allow sweating, yet strong and flexible enough for use as a support compression bandage for taping muscles or joints. It is a versatile medical tape that can be used for sports tape application, overwrapping and securing wound dressings.

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