Do you know the advantages of medical tape?

Update:2022-06-13 00:00
Everyone knows that medical tape is a high-density non-woven fabric. Medical tape is made of vegetable oil or animal oil and boiled into a jelly-like substance. It is coated on one side of cloth, paper or leather and can be attached to the affected area for a long time. It is mainly used for Treatment of boils, swelling and pain.

Medical tape consists of non-woven fabric, hot melt adhesive and release paper. According to customer needs, anti-seepage membrane and anti-seepage ring can be added. An alternative to traditional kraft paper plaster bases. Mainly used for the bottom of plaster in traditional plasters. So what are the characteristics and advantages of medical tape? Let's explore with the professionals of medical tape manufacturers. According to practice, medical tape has self-adhesive, convenient, beautiful appearance, high-grade, anti-allergic, no stolen goods, no damage characteristics of the skin. Generally, high-quality medical tape also has the advantages of good air permeability and waterproof. It can help people solve some injury problems quickly, effectively and conveniently. With the plaster cloth, many troublesome conditions have been treated quickly and effectively. Therefore, medical tape is more and more inseparable from people's lives, and it also contributes to people's lives. brought some help.

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