How to choose the material of medical bandage?

Update:2021-07-16 10:48
With the improvement of my country's economic level and the advancement of science and technology, the quality of medical textiles produced by it has been greatly improved in the medical industry and textile industries such as medical bandages and medical gauze.
Our company has been continuously developing medical bandages, and the quality of the products is very good. This kind of medical bandages can be used on patients to bring better comfort to patients. The comfort of patients is our responsibility. Medical bandages are not only the traditional sewing process of ordinary gauze, bandages, etc., but also include current new technology and new materials.
Precautions for the purchase and use of medical bandages: ① Generally, they are sold as non-sterile medical products. If using a medical bandage on the wound, consider using it separately from the wound; ②When purchasing a medical bandage, look at the appearance of the product. The product should be white, free of yellow spots, pollution, no serious weaving defects or broken threads.
In the selection of medical bandages, high-grade non-woven fabrics are used. This material has high comfort, soft texture, strong elasticity, and strong toughness. The use of medical bandages will not bring discomfort to the patient. It is more convenient to use, and it takes a long time to use. It is the best choice for medical supplies.
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