About the use and precautions of medical tape!

Update:2022-09-05 00:00
About the use and precautions of medical tape:

1. Non-sterile medical tape should be used after sterilization if it is required to be sterile before use.

2. Sterilization methods can be ethylene oxide sterilization or cobalt 60 sterilization. Medical tape is suitable for protective use during trips and sports, and should not be attached to wounds.

3. Medical tapes are mostly single-use products and cannot be reused; the inner packaging of the product cannot be used if it is damaged, damp or mildewed.

4. After the medical tape is used, it should be handled according to the requirements of the relevant departments.

5. This product should be moisture-proof, fire-proof and pollution-proof during transportation, and should not be in contact with toxic and harmful substances.

Medical tape should be stored in a dry and clean room, and keep the room ventilated and ventilated.

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