Can medical tape be used if the wound is infected?

Update:2022-10-24 11:11
If your hand is broken, or the wound is infected. Can medical tape be used? If there is no improvement after using it for a period of time, is it necessary to continue using it? Let me tell you here that medical tape has its functionality, that is, the scope of its application. In many cases, we still have to look at it objectively.

Simply put, its function is whether it is good or not. For medical pressure-sensitive tapes, this is mainly reflected in the following aspects: First, whether the material is sufficiently sticky. When the pressure-sensitive tape needs to be attached to the material and the skin (such as when used for surgical towels), the pressure-sensitive tape should be able to stick firmly. On the surface of the material; second, whether it is suitable for sticking on the skin, because most medical tapes need to be attached to the skin, there should be appropriate, rather than the stronger the viscosity, the better. The 3M clinical research department evaluates the strength and applicability of the pressure-sensitive tape to the skin by testing the peel strength of the pressure-sensitive tape on the skin. Performance has different effects, and selecting the appropriate product sterilization material is an important part of product design. The functional characteristics of the pressure-sensitive tape mainly include these three aspects, which meet the requirements of medical tape.

So, if it is a broken hand or something, you can use medical tape, but if it is like a wound infection, you can't use medical tape. You have to choose appropriate medical drugs or other ways to seek medical treatment.

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