Compared with traditional plaster bandages, what are the advantages of polymer plaster bandages?

Update:2021-12-07 17:20
Compared with traditional plaster bandages, polymer plaster bandages have many advantages as follows:

1. Comfort and safety: After the bandage is dry, the shrinkage is small, and it will not produce the uncomfortable feeling of tightness and itching of the skin after the plaster bandage dries. During the hardening process, the gypsum will not experience the discomfort of burning sensation on the patient's skin due to the heat generation reaction when it absorbs water and recrystallizes.

2. Good air permeability: The bandage uses high-quality raw yarn with good air permeability, which solves the discomfort of hot flashes and itching caused by long-term partial tube dressing and poor air permeability, which is beneficial to skin metabolism.

3. Light weight and high hardness: The impact strength of the bandage after testing and curing is 20 times that of the traditional plaster bandage. This feature plays a reliable fixed role in maintaining the correct reset. The fixing material is small and the weight is light. The polymer bandage is only 1/5 of the weight and 1/3 of the thickness of the plaster. It can make the affected area bear less weight, which is conducive to local blood circulation, promotes healing, and minimizes the burden of human activities without causing inconvenience.

4. Excellent projection: splints and bandages have excellent radiation permeability, and the X-ray effect is clear, which can ensure that the doctor can accurately grasp the bone connection and bone healing of the affected area. There is no need to remove the bandage during the radiographic examination, which is convenient The accurate implementation of the operation is conducive to reduction and understanding of the healing situation.

5. Good water resistance: The bandage has good water resistance, which can block 85% of external moisture from penetrating. After the affected area is exposed to water, it can also effectively ensure that the affected area is dry and easy to clean and care.

6. Easy to operate, flexible, and good in shaping: When the fixing part has skin trauma or the operation time is long, it can be fixed directly without wetting the water first. After fixing, spray water on the outer layer of the bag to accelerate the hardening speed. It has good shapeability, high bending and tensile strength, and can be bent at will. The bandage can be made into tube shape, support and splint. Easy to operate, only water at room temperature, without any heating equipment, can be fixed in a short time. Good shape, moderate tightness.

7. A wide range of applications: orthopedic fixation, orthopedics orthopedics, prosthetic auxiliary functions, support tools, local protective brackets for burns, etc.

8. Fast curing, curing starts in 2-3 minutes, fast curing, curing starts in 3-5 minutes, and it can bear weight after 20 minutes. By adjusting the water temperature, the hardening time can be adjusted. The water temperature increases, the hardening time is short, the water temperature decreases, and the hardening time is long. When the bandage is immersed in water, there is very little loss of plaster. The drying time is fast, and it dries completely within 36 hours. It has strong adaptability, high temperature resistance (+40℃) and high cold (-40℃), non-toxic, non-irritating, and non-allergic.

9. Environmental protection. After setting, it is moisture-resistant, moisture-resistant, non-toxic, non-irritating, and fragrant. It can be easily removed after the cure. Use a special plaster saw to cut and take it off. The special plaster saw eats hard but not soft, and will not hurt the skin. Complete combustion treatment is complete, protecting the environment.

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