How to wrap the finger tape?

Update:2022-11-14 13:50
Finger Tape 6-step "finger wrapping"

Step 1
Lay your hands flat on a stable surface, starting with your non-dominant hand, as someone may help to wrap around your dominant hand. Left-handers wrap their right hands first, not left-handers wrap their left hands first.

Step 2
Fold the gauze into a long strip and place it between the two fingers you want to wrap them together. Doing this increases comfort and reduces friction between your fingers during the game.

Step 3
Bring your fingers together and wrap a length of sports tape around the base of your fingers. For extra tightness, repeat the wrapping two or three times on it. The wrapping force should be moderate, not only to ensure that the fingers are firmly entangled, but also to ensure that the blood flow on the fingers is not blocked.

Step 4
Add another piece of tape between the first and second joints of the fingers for added stability. Cut the tape around your fingers two or three times. Bend your fingers and break in the tape that is not very soft on your fingers to ensure that your fingers have enough mobility.

Step 5
If you feel you need to wrap another finger, repeat the same operation. If the fingers of one hand are entangled, it is still necessary to have a teammate or coach cut the tape with scissors for you.

Step 6
If you want to protect your fingernails and fingertips, add a piece of tape to the top of each finger.

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