What are the characteristics of medical gauze bandages?

Update:2022-01-06 11:57
Medical gauze bandages are more common in life. First, it is a common medical product in hospitals. Secondly, some medical gauze bandages are also provided in the medical boxes of many families. What is the characteristic function of the medical gauze bandage? First of all, medical gauze bandages are particularly breathable, which can prevent infections due to ventilation problems. Secondly, they are more comfortable to use and will not make patients feel tight and itchy due to it. In addition, there are many advantages, Jiaxing He'ao Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., please look down.

Fast hardening speed: The medical gauze bandage hardens quickly. It starts to harden 2-8 minutes after opening the package, and it can bear the weight in 30 minutes.
High hardness and light weight: to ensure the fixation of the limbs after resetting, and to make the affected area less weight-bearing, which is beneficial to blood circulation and wound healing.
Waterproof: The medical gauze bandage can be waterproof after hardening, and you can wear the bandage for bathing.
Convenient operation and flexible shaping: The medical gauze bandage can be used after squeezing it in room temperature water for 2-3 times. It can be bent at will, has good shapeability, and is very convenient to operate.
It is precisely because of this series of characteristics that medical gauze bandages have been bandaging and fixing important medical supplies.

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