What are the commonalities and differences between medical gauze and bandages?

Update:2022-08-08 00:00
There are many commonly used medical items on the market. Many friends sometimes cannot distinguish between medical gauze and bandages when they buy them, and some friends directly mix the two for convenience. In fact, they each have their own uses. Today, Jiaxing He'ao Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. summarizes some commonalities and differences between the two for everyone to identify.
1. The materials of medical gauze and bandage are the same;
2. The medical bandage cannot directly touch the wound when in use;
3. The medical bandages are not sterilized, and the medical gauze is sterilized;
4. The obvious difference is that the shape is different. The medical gauze is layered together, and the medical bandage is one layer.
Of course, there are also medical gauze bandages in the hospital. Medical gauze bandages are a necessary medical material for the external dressing and fixation of fractures of orthopedic patients. When we use it, we should choose the appropriate medical gauze bandage and wrap it in the correct way.
When wrapping the bandage, the wrapping should not be too tight, because this will cause the patient's blood to not flow and be uncomfortable, which will be detrimental to the recovery and healing of the wound.
I believe that through the above introduction, everyone has a better understanding of medical gauze and bandages, and will not worry about buying the wrong one in the future.

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