What are the introductions of the new plaster bandage?

Update:2021-12-02 17:43
The new type of plaster bandage is also called "polymer bandage". It is divided into glass fiber polymer bandage and polyester fiber polymer bandage. They are made of glass fiber or polyester fiber coated with polyurethane compound. The latter is the most commonly used and consists of multiple layers. It is composed of polymer fiber impregnated with polyurethane and polyester, which has good biocompatibility. It has the characteristics of fast hardening, high strength, and no fear of water. It is an upgraded product of traditional plaster bandages.

1. Choose the appropriate type of bandage according to the part that needs to be fixed.
2. Use tissue paper or cotton sleeve as a liner for the fixed parts.
3. Put on latex gloves.
4. Open the package (open one bag at a time, do not open more than one at a time to avoid failure, take out the bandage and soak it in room temperature water for 3-4 seconds, squeeze it for 2-3 times, take it out and squeeze out the excess water.
5. Spiral winding on the fixed part overlaps 1/2-2/3 each circle, moderate tightness, 5-6 layers for load-bearing parts and 3-4 layers for auxiliary parts.
6. Shape the gloves with wet water to make them tightly bonded and smooth on the surface. This should be completed within 2-3 minutes. Use an electric plaster saw when removing.

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