What are the types of medical tapes introduced?

Update:2022-09-14 16:17
Types of medical tapes: Common medical tapes on the market include pressure-sensitive medical tapes, waterproof and hypoallergenic medical tapes, paper hypoallergenic medical tapes, and transparent and breathable medical tapes. The basic function of the tape is to fix the wound object to prevent movement, but different types of tape have their own special functions and functions.

1. Pressure-sensitive medical tape is what we usually call medical tape, which is composed of cotton cloth and adhesive. This adhesive tape has strict requirements on the proportion of adhesives. In surgery, this adhesive tape is mainly used for material fixation, wound treatment, and infusion needle fixation, which requires it to have high adhesiveness. The adhesive tape plays the role of fixing the medicine and fixing the wound during the process of dressing the wound. Bandaging with tape can effectively prevent the wound from pulling and tearing and causing secondary damage. However, for friends who are allergic to tape, the pressure-sensitive medical tape adhesive cannot be directly used on the skin surface due to the large proportion of adhesives.

2. If you have allergic skin, use anti-allergic medical tape. There are two types of hypoallergenic medical tapes on the market: paper medical tapes and colloidal hypoallergenic tapes. These two kinds of tapes remove skin allergens very well and are specially developed for allergic people. Its disadvantage is that its adhesion is relatively low, so it can only be used as a substitute for pressure-sensitive medical tape.

3. In addition to pressure-sensitive medical tape and hypoallergenic tape, there is also a widely used medical tape-waterproof and breathable medical tape. The characteristics of this tape are good adhesion, the tape body is completely transparent and there are many small air holes. Due to its breathability, this waterproof and breathable medical tape is mainly used for large-area skin adhesion and fixation. In addition, the waterproof and breathable medical tape is often used by beauty lovers as the tape to paste the double eyelid. The advantages of this tape for the beauty industry lie in its healthy selection of materials, advanced ventilation technology and low allergies.

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