What does sports tape do and how to store it?

Update:2022-01-13 14:32
The role of sports tape
Sports tape, as the name suggests, is a tape that needs to be used during exercise. It uses elastic cotton as the base material, and then is made of medical pressure-sensitive adhesive. At present, it is widely used in competitive sports to protect and reduce injuries to various parts of the body during sports, and plays a protective role.
When using sports tape, you need to clean and dry the adhesive area first, and then tear off the tape according to the required length and quantity.

Precautions for the use of sports tape
1. It is only suitable for protective use during trauma and exercise, and should not be attached to the wound.
2. The sports tape is a one-time use product and cannot be reused; the inner packaging of the product cannot be used if it is damaged, damp or mildewed.

Sports tape transportation and storage method
1. Sports tape should be moisture-proof, fire-proof and pollution-proof during transportation, and should not be in contact with toxic and harmful items.
2. Sports tape should be stored in a dry and clean room, and keep the room ventilated and breathable.

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