What should I do if it causes physical discomfort during the use of medical tape?

Update:2022-10-17 11:26
Medical tape has many uses in our lives. We can use it when we are injured a lot. Today we will talk about how to deal with it if it sticks firmly to the skin? First of all, we first wet the tape with alcohol or complexed iodine, and then slowly peel it off. If there is direct contact with the skin wound, do not forcibly tear it off to avoid bleeding from the wound. Generally, medical tape Do not stick for too long, generally no more than one day. Too long time can easily lead to skin allergies, and at the same time, it will also cause it to stick too firmly, it is difficult to take it off, and it is in direct contact with the skin. Try to choose cloth tape, which has better air permeability.

In terms of the treatment and use of umbilical hernia, most of them are caused by congenital enlargement of the umbilicus, poor closure development, incorrect tearing of the umbilical cord when the sow farrows, and blows to the abdomen. As the umbilicus enters the subcutaneous hernia, it is necessary to perform surgery. At present, the pig industry generally adopts the method of operation after weaning, which is relatively harmful to pigs and is not easy to operate. Tape fixation method, this method is suitable for castration 3-5 days after giving birth. First, the testicles are castrated, and then the exposed intestines are stuffed back into the abdominal cavity with the handle of a scalpel, and two pieces of medical tape with a width of 3 cm are prepared from the thigh to the buttocks. After a circle of sticking, use a piece of tape along the abdomen near the thigh to the back and stick it in a circle. Pay attention to the purpose of sticking tightly to prevent the intestines from leaking back. Generally, the umbilicus will close and grow in about 10 days.

 If it is because of allergy to medical tape, then you must stop using the medical tape, and it will gradually improve. Usually, you should pay attention to not sticking the tape for too long; do not stick it on the place where the erythema will damage the skin; use a bandage to prevent the tape from touching the skin. Many people are allergic to medical tape. After the tape is applied, there will be red patches with clear boundaries on the local skin. In severe cases, swollen patches will appear on the surface. There will be papules, blisters, or even erosion and exudation. This situation , called contact dermatitis.

The medical tape can be used externally with boric acid solution or physiological saline solution during the exudation period, and the local wet compress, twice a day, the rash will gradually dry and converge. treat. When the rash tends to be stable or chronic, it can be changed to hormonal ointment, such as hydrocortisone ointment or compound flumetasone ointment, etc. For severe cases, oral antihistamines such as cetirizine tablets can be used at the same time. , loratadine tablets and so on. Anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic treatment with oral prednisone tablets if necessary. Patients should avoid using medical tape with the same or similar ingredients in the future, because tape allergy can easily cause local skin reactions, and it is likely to be accompanied by severe itching during the allergic period. Patients should avoid scratching and local hot water. , Scrub with soap, keep the skin dry and clean.

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