Why do volleyball players have white tape around their fingers?

Update:2022-11-07 11:44
White tape produces fingers that can protect the joints and help fix the shape of the hand. The setter has the most white tape on the fingers, and the main attack and secondary attack focus on wrapping the thumb, index finger and middle finger, so that they can exert more force when hitting the ball. Volleyball is a sport that requires strength, precision and teamwork on the court. For strength setters, we often see them entangling the two fingers together for added strength and support. This technique is often referred to as the "Buddy Hands".

Finger wrapping is especially necessary if a finger sprain or other injury affects the game. Wrap your fingers comfortably, not only to generate maximum force, but also to protect your fingers, so you can play the best game with a comfortable hand. In addition, due to the high intensity of the game, the tape can prevent the sweat of athletes from getting on the ball, which can not only prevent slipping, but also increase friction.

White Rayon finger tape

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