Manufacturing method of medical gauze block

Update:2021-05-14 11:29
In the production of medical gauze blocks, the main issue is hygiene. During production, no impurities or contamination are allowed. Therefore, our production environment is sterile, only to produce high quality and good effects. Here is a brief introduction to the production method of medical gauze.
The medical gauze block is mainly made of bamboo charcoal fiber material. First, fresh bamboo is smoked, pre-dried, dried, pre-carbonized, carbonized, calcined, sprayed, and crushed to make nano-level bamboo charcoal powder, and then the bamboo charcoal powder is mixed into polyester or viscose After mixing and stirring, the filaments containing bamboo charcoal powder are drawn through a spinning device to obtain bamboo charcoal fiber, which is spun with bamboo charcoal fiber to obtain gauze, and then the whole piece of gauze is folded in half to obtain the medical gauze block.
After meticulous production in this way, we will present the products we are seeing now. The above is the whole content of the production method of medical gauze block, I hope it can be helpful to your purchase.
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