Rayon Rigid Strapping Tape is a great way to support joints

Update:2023-05-06 11:30
Rayon rigid strapping tape is a great way to support joints during high stress sport activity, minimising excessive joint movement which can cause injury. It's also often used after a sports injury to aid in the recovery process.It has a strong adhesive and is latex free, meaning it will not irritate sensitive skin. It's also porous for breathability and hand tearable.Rigid sports tape is a common form of strapping that provides support for joints during sporting activities, helping to minimise excessive movement that can lead to injury. It can be used on ankles, knees, fingers and shoulders.Rayon Rigid Strapping Tape is a rayon backed tape that is heavy duty and has a zinc oxide adhesive that holds tight even when wet. This tape helps provide joint stability and support quickly, so users can stay mobile and active.
It can also help reduce discomfort when taping shoulders or knees, and it is suitable for use before and after any physical activity. This kinesiology tape provides lasting support to injured or strained joints and muscles, while improving function and circulation.Rayon Rigid Strapping Tapeis a rayon-cotton blended tape with a latex free zinc-oxide adhesive. It is designed to be extra strong to fully support joints under high stress, especially suited to high impact and contact sports. It is an excellent choice for strapping ankles, knees, fingers, shoulders and elbows.The most important part of the tape is its medical grade, porous zinc oxide adhesive which holds a firm grip. The aforementioned material has a number of properties which make it the perfect fit for your sporting needs, including its superior moisture wicking properties and oh-so-soft feel. It also owes its popularity to its affordable pricing. In addition, it has a few nifty features like its hand-tear-able properties, which makes application a breeze. 
This is a top-rated strapping tape that is a must-have for athletes and coaches alike. The d3 team is proud to provide quality products for people who lead active lifestyles. We can’t wait to see what you do with them!Athletic tape is a type of medical strapping tape that’s commonly used for taping ankles, knees, fingers, and other joints. These strapping tapes are designed to restrict joint movement during high-stress sport activity and reduce the risk of injury.This type of tape is ideal for treating injuries such as sprains, strains, and other types of minor injuries. It’s also an effective way to protect and prevent re-injury in these areas.The best part about this kind of athletic tape is that it doesn’t leave a sticky residue on the skin when it’s removed. In addition, it’s latex free so it’s not going to cause any kind of allergic reaction or rashes.
It’s made from rayon and has an extremely strong adhesive, making it a great choice for strapping purposes. In fact, this tape can also be applied directly against the skin for greater support and stability to injured areas.Rayon Rigid Strapping Tape is a robust supportive tape that stabilises joints during vigorous physical activity in all conditions and is effective for both preventative and rehabilitation taping techniques. It is constructed with a strong rayon backing and rubber zinc oxide adhesive mass, which offers a significant amount of support for a variety of uses.It is tan in colour, porous for breathability and hand tearable to eliminate threading. It also has the best adhesion of any strapping tape we have tested, thanks to its patented high strength latex free adhesive.Rayon Rigid Strapping Tape is a top of the range, professional grade performance, rigid strapping tape with the capabilities to stand up to the rigorous demands of professional athletes and medical professionals alike. It is constructed from a strong Rayon fabric with an aggressive soft, heat activated natural Zinc Oxide adhesive that performs in extreme hot and cold conditions. It has the best adhesion of any strapping tap we have tested, and is available in 13mm, 25mm, 38mm and 50mm widths.

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