What are the advantages of medical gauze blocks

Update:2021-05-06 14:15
We all know that medical gauze blocks are commonly used medical products after cutting using sterile absorbent cotton as raw materials. After a little investigation, the editor found that the medical gauze pieces produced by our company are used in various hospitals very well, which proves the practicability of the product.
Based on this situation, the editor wants to promote this product to more people, so in the following, the editor will introduce the advantages of the product:
1. The product adopts independent vacuum packaging, suitable cutting size, good water absorption and air permeability, so it is very suitable for hospital surgery, infectious disease and surgery. It can be discarded after being contaminated, and only used once.
2. In addition, the medical gauze pieces produced by our company have a variety of cutting specifications, so in addition to being used in hospitals, they can also be used in beauty clubs, scientific research units and families. The scope of use is relatively wide.
3. In addition, the medical gauze block is made of high-quality raw materials, so it has a good use experience, is highly skin-friendly, does not lint and does not fall.
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