What are the common occasions for medical gauze blocks

Update:2021-04-23 09:43
Summer is here again. Because of the high temperatures in this season, many people like to do some exercise to relax and sweat. Whether traveling outdoors or working out in the gym is a very good choice. But no matter what kind of exercise is actually there are certain risks, so we need to prepare certain medical protective equipment, such as medical gauze, alcohol, cotton swabs and so on. The following editor has compiled the medical supplies that should be prepared for different sports.
1. Outdoor activities or travel
For us to go outdoors, it is actually very easy to get hurt. So whether you choose to go mountaineering or rock climbing, it is better to prepare some medical alcohol, topical drugs, and medical gauze, so as to prepare for prevention.
2. Swimming and other water sports
In many people's minds, they think that it is not easy to get injured when doing water sports. But in fact, since many parts of our body are not covered by clothes when we are swimming, it is actually very prone to bleeding injuries. So just in case, it is better to prepare some medical gauze pieces and sterile cotton swabs.
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