What are the disinfection methods for medical surgical kits?

Update:2021-07-23 16:03
There are two commonly used disinfection methods:
(1) Steam sterilization: The medical surgical kit is placed in a high-pressure steam sterilizer at a temperature of 120 ℃, 2 atmospheres, and sterilized with saturated steam for 1 hour. If there is no autoclave equipment, use ordinary steamer instead. Put the medical surgical kit in the cage, cover tightly, and continue for 2 hours after the water boils. In order to verify whether it meets the sterilization requirements, shake a little sulfur or alum powder, put it in a small bottle and wrap it in the bag. After sterilization, the sulfonated water crystals or the alum powder turns into milky white liquid to meet the sterilization requirements.
The sterilized medical surgical kit should be placed next to the stove or dried in the sun for later use. During the operation, the large bag is opened on the instrument table, the blunt instruments in the small bag are put on, and the instruments in the disinfectant are taken out, rinsed with normal saline, and put on after drying, and arranged neatly.
(2) Boiling disinfection: This is a commonly used disinfection method for metal instruments, glass instruments, and silk threads. The instruments in the small medical surgical kits for cataracts can also be sterilized by this method, especially for several consecutive operations. The number of blunt instruments is limited and cannot be divided into several packets for steam sterilization beforehand, but can be temporarily boiled for sterilization. Scrub the grease or blood stains on the instruments, place them in a sterilizer, immerse them in water, and boil for 10-15 minutes. One or two instruments used urgently during the operation can be used after boiling for 5 minutes. If the equipment is contaminated, it is best to boil for more than 1 hour. If sodium bicarbonate is added to boiling water to make a 2% alkaline solution, the boiling point of the water can be increased to 105°C, the mortality rate of bacteria can be increased, and the metal equipment can be protected from rust. Instruments that have been boiled and disinfected should be taken out immediately, and should not be left in water for a long time to avoid rust. The boiling time starts after the water boils. In plateau areas, the air pressure is low, and the boiling point is low. It should be calculated according to the altitude, and the sterilization time should be extended by 2 minutes for every increase of 300 meters.

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