What are the instructions for using the mesh bandage?

Update:2021-11-09 00:00
The mesh bandage is a new member of the medical bandage family. It breaks through the concept of traditional bandages and is designed with a new idea. The advantages of elastic stockings are fully applied to the bandage, and the bandage does not need to go round and round. Entangled. Select a certain type of mesh elastic bandage according to the size of the fixed part, and cut the bandage proportionally: (fixed part length: mesh elastic bandage ===4:1), and then organize it according to the actual shape of the fixed part, like wear Just like socks, just "put on" them. Replacing traditional bandages, the mesh tube type makes nursing work very simple and convenient, and makes the work more efficient; very economical: the material cost is only one-third to one-fifth of the traditional bandage; it can make the wound larger The range is breathable, which is conducive to recovery; full of elasticity, bends to any complex shape, suitable for the care of any part of the body.

The fixation of traumatic bandages on any part of the body, especially those parts where the bandage is inconvenient to fix. Used in medical care, home self-rescue care, outdoor sports, field first aid, sports, post-operative care, and various sports injuries. It has a great auxiliary treatment effect on extremity sprains, soft tissue rubs, joint swelling and pain, especially for the treatment of veins. The swelling control after the removal of varicose and bone injury plaster can achieve a certain healing effect.

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