What are the introductions of self-adhesive elastic bandages?

Update:2021-08-09 00:00
Self-adhesive elastic bandage is suitable for sports, training, outdoor sports, surgery, orthopedics wound dressing, limb fixation, limb sprain, soft tissue injury, joint swelling and pain dressing.
Self-adhesive elastic bandages should have uniform luster, clean cuts, no peculiar smell, stains, and burrs exposed; breaking force should be no less than 10N/cm; self-adhesiveness should be no less than 3N/cm; elongation should be no less than 50%; There should be no skin irritation. The product is made of pure cotton cloth coated with medical pressure-sensitive adhesive or natural latex, non-woven fabric, intramuscular effect patch, elastic cloth, medical skim gauze, spandex cotton fiber, elastic non-woven fabric and natural rubber composite material production.
Scope of application
It is mainly used for bandaging and fixing dressings, and can also be used to protect parts prone to sprains.

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