What are the varieties and uses of gauze?

Update:2021-06-18 15:47
Gauze is a cotton fabric with sparse warp and weft. It belongs to textile materials and cloth, which is characterized by sparseness and obvious grids.
Gauze use
The variety of gauze is diverse and has wide applications. The following is a description of the types and varieties of gauze as clues:
1. Pure cotton gauze (also used as cotton gauze), mainly used for quilt, silk quilt lining, and cotton tyre. It can also be used for medical purposes after degreasing and for industrial use after sizing and shaping.
All-cotton bleached gauze (also used as whitening gauze or whitening gauze), because people's living conditions have improved, they advocate health. The bleached cotton gauze is processed by bleaching and softening process. It is natural, pure white, comfortable and environmentally friendly. It is the first choice for lining quilts and silk quilts. It can also be used as a mask.
Degreasing gauze is mainly used for medical bandages, medicinal cloths, etc.
Mask gauze is used for masks, available in rolls (large rolls) or horses, to meet the needs of different cutting methods of manufacturers.
Mosquito net gauze, used for mosquito nets.
Bamboo curtain mat gauze, this gauze is pure fiber gauze, which is strong and is used as the base fabric of bamboo curtain mat.
Sizing and shaping gauze, used in the production of dish towels, deerskin towels, carpets, artificial leather, etc.
Bean bag gauze, woven with 21 or 32 pure cotton yarn, used to make tofu bag.
Double-layer gauze, woven with pure cotton yarn, is used to make baby diapers, face towels, napkins, and abdominal gauze for postpartum restraint and obesity.
Ghost festival gauze, thin gauze of various colors, used in the ghost festival to hang on the window or made into various colors of irregular clothing to scare ghosts.
Root gauze for transplanting seedlings and flowers is used for seedling root soil when transplanting seedlings and flowers.
Sparse mesh gauze, the sparse mesh is about the same size as a fishing net, in rolls, used for quilt covers, decorative materials, wall decoration or industrial use.
Book binding gauze, 100% cotton bleached sizing, used for book binding.
Cotton wrapping cloth (also called cotton wrapping cloth or cotton wrapping cloth). Weaving with 10 yarns, it is divided into cotton foreskin and polyester-cotton foreskin cloth.
The vegetable shed was clothed.
Note: Yarn is a relatively loose single filament spun from cotton, linen, etc., which can be twisted and woven.
Industrial emery cloth, other names: iron emery cloth, emery cloth, corundum gauze, dry grinding gauze
Purpose: Install on the machine or manually grind the burrs, rust spots or polished surfaces on the surface of metal workpieces. Rolled gauze is mainly used for mechanical grinding of metal workpieces or plywood. The smaller particle size is used for coarse grinding, and the larger particle size is used for fine grinding.
Types of gauze
According to the different yarn materials, it can be divided into pure cotton gauze (also made of cotton gauze), purified fiber gauze, and blended gauze.
According to different weaving processes, it can be divided into single-layer gauze, double-layer gauze, and multi-layer gauze.
According to different purposes, it can be divided into civil gauze, medical gauze (degreased gauze), industrial gauze and so on.
According to different colors, it can be divided into colored gauze, white gauze (the color of cotton yarn), and bleached gauze (also used as whitening gauze or white gauze).
According to the degree of hardness, it can be divided into soft gauze, sizing gauze, and sizing and setting gauze.
Classification of gauze types
How about polyester cotton gauze and pure cotton gauze
Seeing: Polyester cotton gauze has a brighter color than pure cotton gauze, and polyester cotton has a brighter color and a tighter fiber structure. Compared with pure cotton gauze, the color is not so bright and looks very soft, and some cotton seed residues will be seen on the surface of the gauze.
Hand touch: The pure cotton gauze is soft but not smooth, and the polyester cotton gauze feels a bit slippery to the touch.
Combustion: This is also the most intuitive method widely used by the industry. Pure cotton gauze, the flame is yellow, the smell of burning is the same as burning paper, the edge is soft after burning, leaving a little gray-black flocculent ashes; polyester cotton gauze shrinks and then melts when it is close to the flame , Emits thick black smoke, giving off a smell of inferior fragrance. After burning, the edges become hard, and the ashes are dark brown lumps, but they can be crushed.
Gauze discrimination method
Gauze will be divided into two types of gauze, there are pure cotton gauze and polyester cotton gauze. If you buy it, how to distinguish it? Provide a way for everyone: you can find a lighter, burn the gauze you bought with fire, and burn it. After that, you can twist the burnt ashes with your hands. If it is gray, it is pure cotton gauze; if there are small particles after burning, it proves that it is not pure cotton, but may be polyester cotton. This method is very simple, it only takes two minutes of personal time to be judged.
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