What are the ways to use medical tape?

Update:2022-07-28 11:33
How to use medical tape:
1. Clean and disinfect the skin before using the medical tape, and wait for a while.
2. Attach the tape smoothly. Apply the tape from the center to the outside without tension. In order to make the tape stick to the dressing, it should be attached to the skin at least 2.5CM along the side of the dressing.
3. Press back and forth on the tape to exert the greater effect of the adhesive.
4. When removing, loosen each end of the tape, and gradually lift the entire width of the tape toward the wound to reduce the dehiscence of the healing tissue.
5. When removing the medical tape from the hairy area, it should be peeled off along the length of the hair. When using medical tape, you must be careful not to apply it directly to damaged skin or if you have skin allergies, please follow the doctor's advice.

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