What is a bandage?

Update:2021-09-13 00:00
Bandages are gauze bands used to wrap wounds or affected areas. They are common medical supplies. There are many different types and methods of dressing. You need to choose the appropriate type and method of dressing according to the injured part.






The materials used to fix and protect the surgical or injured parts are necessary for surgical operations. most
The simple one is a single shed belt, which is made of gauze or cotton and is suitable for the limbs, tail, head, chest and abdomen. Double bandages are bandages of various shapes made according to parts and shapes. The material is double-layer cotton cloth. Different thicknesses of cotton can be sandwiched between them. There are cloth strips around them for knotting and fixing. Chest bandages, abdominal bandages and manicure bandages, etc. Special bandages are mostly used for fixing the limbs and joints.

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