What is Fixation Tape?

Update:2022-12-05 00:00
Fixation tape helps to secure bandages and cold packs to the skin, reducing the chance of tape chafing. The tape is made of water-repellent foam, which makes it ideal for wound care and is durable. It does not tear and does not need to be cut. Because of its adhesive quality, you can use it to cover a joint in smaller strips.

Fixation tape is a popular choice among medical professionals, as it has a wide range of uses. Its unique zinc oxide-based adhesive formula provides secure adhesion and extended wear. It is also gentle on skin, making it an ideal dressing for sensitive areas. Fixation tape is also latex-free, making it ideal for a variety of uses, including wound dressings and ostomy appliances.

Fixation tape is a staple item in the first aid kit. It is a flexible, extra-soft tape that has a super-strong adhesive, allowing dressings to sit on the skin without tearing. It is also made without latex, making it the ideal choice for sensitive skin and babies. The adhesive formula in Fixation tape helps it hold a firm, healthy grip on the skin, enabling it to stay in place for up to 12 hours.

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