What is the best material for medical tape?

Update:2022-08-22 14:19
The medical tapes of the three materials have their own different characteristics. Next, let's analyze them.

Medical tape non-woven fabric: It is characterized by extremely low irritation, and there is no tingling sensation when it is torn off, and it feels lighter and breathable. But the disadvantages are also obvious, the strength is relatively low, and it is not waterproof.

PE medical tape: The performance is between the two, sacrificing a certain permeability in exchange for higher strength, and has a certain degree of waterproofness, but the irritation of tearing off is relatively obvious.

Zinc oxide medical tape: Zinc oxide is not the material of the tape itself, the material of the tape itself is pure cotton, and zinc oxide is the coating infiltrated on the tape. This kind of tape is large in size, high in strength, and strong in waterproofness. The irritation of tearing off is similar to that of PE tape, and the price is relatively high.
In addition, zinc oxide also promotes wound healing, and medical tape can be directly used for frostbite and chapped wounds.

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