What is the processing technology of absorbent cotton gauze?

Update:2021-06-25 00:00
Absorbent cotton gauze is widely used in the medical industry. It is mainly used to protect the wounds of patients. Therefore, it must have a high hygienic quality and must not contain bacteria or even viruses. This will infect the wounds of the wounded and cause worse As a result, we have higher requirements and standards in the production process.
First of all, in the selection of raw materials, clean absorbent cotton is used. Absorbent cotton refers to cotton that has been chemically treated to remove fat. It is easier to absorb liquid than ordinary cotton. It is a sanitary product and is also used to make nitrocellulose. The raw cotton is used to remove impurities, degreasing, and It is made by bleaching, washing, drying and finishing processing.
Absorbent cotton does not contain fat on the surface, so it has good hydrophilicity. Soaked in 75% alcohol can be used as a disinfectant cotton ball. Absorbent cotton should be odorless, tasteless, and colorless, with good water absorption, soft and slender fibers, and white It is flexible, easy to stratify, has no harmful impurities such as acid and alkali, and its quality should meet the technical standards set by the Ministry of Health.
The method of making absorbent cotton gauze block is to select high-quality absorbent cotton, inject it with a special solvent, heat it in boiling water, then cool it to rinse, and finally place it in a clean place to dry and sterilize it to ensure the quality It can be delivered only after being qualified.
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