What is the strip tape on the athletes used for?

Update:2021-08-04 00:00
The popularity and popularity of the marathon has attracted countless runners to join in. Among them, some runners are troubled by injuries due to various reasons. What's interesting is that I don't know when, more and more runners have used intramuscular effect patches. Therefore, in today's large and small competitions, you can always see colorful and unconstrained intramuscular effect patches appearing on various parts of runners' bodies.

But what the hell is this new thing? What practical effect does this patch have? Is this kind of patch really useful for runners' problems that occur during running? Today, I will give you August 18: Intramuscular effect patch is actually not very useful for problems during running! Kenisio Tape was first invented by Dr. Kenso Kase (DC) of Japan in the late 1970s. The name comes from the English word "Kinesiology". The prefix of "kinesiology" is translated as "intramuscular effect" in China. Domestic professionals are mostly called intramuscular effect patch, muscle energy patch, muscle patch, etc. The original intention of the design is to protect the musculoskeletal and joints while maintaining a certain range of joint motion. At the same time, it also created an independent theoretical system.

The structure of the intramuscular effect patch The intramuscular effect patch is divided into three layers: the outermost layer is a breathable and elastic waterproof cotton cloth (so the patch can be stretched within a certain limit, up to 130-150%), the middle layer It is usually acrylic adhesive, and the inner layer is back-to-paper. The rubber surface of the middle layer is distributed in a corrugated shape (the width, spacing, wavelength and amplitude of the corrugation are all regulated), and the corrugation is also officially claimed to be a key technology for the patch to work. The glue coated on the qualified patch should pass the biocompatibility test. Generally, it is not easy to cause skin allergies and does not contain pharmaceutical ingredients.

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