What should I pay attention to when buying medical gauze blocks?

Update:2021-06-04 16:43
Medical gauze blocks are very common medical supplies nowadays. They can be used in hospitals or in small households. They can be easily bought in major pharmacies on the market. But are you sure that the medical gauze block you bought must be qualified? Next, the editor will tell you what you should pay attention to when buying gauze block.
As a medical product, even small gauze pieces are very demanding. Some gauze pieces are very soft to the touch, but the density of the gauze does not meet the requirements, and the color is bleached by phosphor. Even some of them have not been sterilized and disinfected, and such gauze pieces cannot be used on wounds. Not only can it not play a role in nursing, but it can even cause wound infection in serious cases.
So what should we pay attention to, the high-quality medical gauze piece is made of high-density cotton non-woven fabric + absorbent paper, and the double-sided bonding is stronger. It can not only be used to bandage wounds to stop bleeding, but also can be used as a baby's saliva towels, cotton pads, etc., with good results.
If you find that the medical gauze block is fluffy during use, the editor of Dafang Medical advises you not to use it. This may be because the quality is not good, or the use period has been exceeded.
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